Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Every time I think of something fun that I want to share in my blog, I wait until I have completely forgotten about it. What a shame.

Three weeks ago (wow, can't believe it's already been that long), I started student teaching! "Are you sure you're old enough for that?", you're asking? I know, I've already asked myself that a thousand times, and unfortunately it seems that indeed, I am. As my 22nd birthday and *gasp* the end of my last semester in college draw closer, I am seriously beginning to freak out (for lack of a better term). Am I ready for "the real world"? Who the heck knows.

I started my student teaching placement in the Grandville school district, about 25 minutes from Hope's campus. Since my certification will be K-12 music education, I have to spend half day in a secondary class and half day in an elementary class. Therefore, friends, I am at Grandville High School in the morning (from 7:50am-12pm) and at East/West/Grand View Elementary school(s) in the afternoon (12pm-3:40pm). If you took a close look at the times I attend school, you would have noticed that I have a ridiculously long day. Yep. And let's not forget that I go directly to choir after school. Woohoo!

In all seriousness, I'm really excited for the semester regardless of the long time commitment. I'm looking forward to figuring out what class level is my favorite, though I'm sure each will have it's pros and cons. I'm also really looking forward to having fun with my students and investing myself in their lives and in their educational progress. I can't wait to be a real teacher. Ah, so soon!

I'm only going to my schools on Tuesdays and Thursdays for now, but starting February 9th I will go 5 days a week. Once full-time begins, I'm sure I will have some great stories to tell about my adventures in Grandville!

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