Thursday, June 5, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Session One

This week has been incredibly hectic. Yesterday (Wednesday), twenty-six new students arrived for second session, while thirty-two from first session left today (Thursday). Unfortunately, that overlap was completely nuts. We all went out to dinner on Wednesday night, and it was honestly a disaster. There were almost 60 people in this small upstairs room--let me remind you, no air conditioning. One open window. Ahhhh!

Some 1st session people, some 2nd session, some both!

I will really miss some of our new friends from first session! We all bonded really well, and we didn't have any problems! I'm very proud of our entire group, and I wish so many people were staying! The new people from second session have a lot to live up to now!

Besides all the switching craziness, not much has happened this week. I went out to a heuliger with Caitlin, Brent and Mike one night, which was a lot of fun. We enjoyed our time just the four of us--we don't get that much here. A bunch of us also went to go see this huge outdoor summer concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra at Schonbrunn castle on Tuesday night, which was wonderful. Over 100,000 people attended! We had great seats near the front, too, but unfortunately it rained! :( We got free ponchos though, which at least kept me try. All in all--great cultural and musical experience!

Brent and Lama

Me and Michael

Wearing our rain jackets before the concert!

View from our seats.

Tomorrow (I can't believe it), we head to Budapest! I'm not sure what to think about Budapest, mostly because I honestly have never heard anyone talk about it. I'll fill you in on Monday though! Enjoy the wonderful weekend! 

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