Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wisdom Teeth

This summer, the time finally came for me to get my wisdom teeth out. I had been putting it off for far too long, and unfortunately I realized that this summer might be the only logical time for me to get it done. Thankfully I was able to twist my friend Megan's arm into doing it with me!

The procedure went very well, thanks to my beautiful new best friend Valium. I took two pills a few hours before the surgery for my nerves and was happy as ever when they stuck the IV in my arm. Megan and I decided to wear matching tshirts to the doctor's office too, just to give the Doc a laugh (it worked). Sadly I was not very funny when I woke up, but Megan definitely made up for it. Here is a video she made documenting our morning at the dentist:

Ahh, good times.

Right after the surgery

Megan with the doc.

p.s. The shirts are our sisters', we promise (long story....ask them).  :)

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Laura Leman said...

You look very brave and just too cute in your t-shirt and ice pack!