Wednesday, December 17, 2008

DIY Blogs: My New Hobby

Thanks to Mrs. Leman, I am now obsessed with DIY blogs. Seriously, check some of them out (links on the right). I have found myself dreaming of color schemes, wall-paper and resale treasures in the last few days, and my creative side is bursting to try something neat.

Take "make something", for example (the first picture). I recently came across  Nicole Hill's blog and fell in love with her photography. Cool, right? I'd love to try something like this, though I'm sure it's more complicated than it looks.

Thanks to Black*Eiffel, I've also fell in love with some amazing clothes. Not to mention this beautiful table and chairs. 


How much do you adore the different chair styles all around one table? Gah. I'm drooling.

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