Sunday, May 18, 2008


Hello everyone!

It has taken me far too long to find and receive internet--now that I have it, let's not waste any time. 

On Tuesday afternoon, four of my great friends and I (among 60 other students) took one Austrian Air flight to Vienna. Our flight was relatively smooth, and our excitement helped to keep the boredom down. The flight attendants (woman in red) were extremely nice, and gave us each a free glass of wine to drink with dinner--only in Europe!
As soon as we arrived, we took a bus to Morbisch, a small town about an hour east of Vienna. The reason for this weekend trip was for orientation purposes--we spent some time talking about what to expect from our host families, how to say simple German phrases, and we even had our first two classes in the hotel. 

Though it was great to meet all the other students, the town itself was mostly empty. Since most of the residents of Morbisch commute to Vienna, the city becomes desolate during the day, and most of the shops and restaurants close down by 5pm. We kept ourselves busy with a night boat cruise, a walk down the road to the Hungarian border, and lots of eating. 

Along the road towards Hungary--lots of vineyards!
Our hotel.
Morbisch is known for its cranes.
Michael and I on our boat cruise.

More tomorrow!

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Brooke said...

Was the boat cruise as funny as I remember? I'm sure everyone was itching for a little fun!