Thursday, May 29, 2008

Opera and Dead People

As most people know, I am a Vocal Music Ed. major at Hope. Therefore, coming to Vienna has been a wonderful experience for me, to say the least. This week held a couple of really fun and interesting musical events. 

On Monday, Dr. Reisinger (our music professor) took our class to the Central Cemetery, where many famous composers are buried. It is the second largest cemetery in Europe, and holds over 3 million people. We saw the tombstones of Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, J. Strauss, Schoenberg, Hugo Wolf, and a tribute to Mozart. The entire cemetery was incredibly beautiful, including the church at the end of the main road. All in all--fun field trip!

The tombstones of Beethoven, Mozart, and Schubert.

Front of the cemetery's church.

Tombstone of Arnold Schoenberg (known for 12-tone/modern music).

One of many streets through the cemetery.

On Tuesday night, a bunch of us decided to see the Verdi opera Falstaff at the Staatsoper. I can't say it was my favorite opera ever, but it was definitely fun! We waited in line for Standing Room tickets for about 90 minutes, which was a good idea since the tickets were only 2 Euro a piece (normal seats cost around 200 Euro...looks like we'll be standing at all of the shows we go to in Vienna!). The singers were all wonderful, of course, I just felt as though the plot was very slow-moving. At one point in Act 3, some nymphs come on stage to torment the character Falstaff. Mike, Brent, Lamade and I are standing in the lower balcony together watching this, when all of a sudden the "nymphs" come on stage in, no joke, KKK outfits. White coats with pointed hoods and masks. We all immediately looked at each other in utter shock! It was very confusing, yet also funny! Mike whispered to me, "only in Europe". 

Waiting in line for tickets!

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