Thursday, May 22, 2008


Sadly, this past Sunday was the only Sunday we will have in Vienna during our 6 weeks here. This Sunday made up for that nonetheless. My roommates and I woke up early to make High Mass at Augustinakirche, where the orchestra and church choir were performing Schubert's Mass in B Major. It was an amazing experience, even though everything was spoken in German.

Front of the church

Back of the church--balcony where the orchestra/choir/organist sat.

We went out to the 19th district after Mass today for our opening lunch with the entire group. We ate at a heuliger, which is sort of like a wine cafe, and the food was wonderful. It was nice to get away from the downtown area today and enjoy a more scenic part of town.

The dark yellow building is where we ate lunch.

When lunch ended, the rain began. Lamade, Koon and I decided the smartest thing would be for us to go home for the night. As soon as we walked in the door, Helmut and Edith wanted to know what we had done during the day. We told them about how we were tired and wanted to spend the night at home, and they asked us if we wanted to hang out with them! Of course we said yes, and so the five of us played card games all night. While we were playing, they made us deal the cards while counting the German numbers outloud--it was very helpful! When Liz came home a little bit later, they opened a bottle of champagne (made in Vienna--amazingly good) and we made a toast to the beginning of fun! :) It was a great night indoors. 

Clearly, I am a little bit behind since I'm posting about Sunday on Thursday. Time is just very limited! Tomorrow I will be going to Salzburg...more updates beginning on Monday!

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Laura Leman said...

Greetings from the Windy City:

Thanks so much for your great entries. They give a clear picture of how your time there has been so far. Enjoy Salzburg!